Saturday Song Of The Week

20 Nov

A new category. 😀 Also, I needed something to cheer you guys up after the last post 🙂

Hope you love it, cuz I’m a total GLEEK! 😀



Trick me once, but I won’t let you trick me twice…

20 Nov

”Hey, guess who I saw last night at this club?”

More or less this was the message patiently waiting to be read in my cellphone’s inbox this AM. Now, let me briefly explain the situation.

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Hello world!

19 Nov

Et voilà!

The decision was made. And here you have it. My blog. A little piece of me.

I’ll do my best and try to update it as much as I can. I wrote a bit longer version of what was supposed to be the first blog post but ended u being the ”Who’s this girl?” section. So if you want to read a bit more about that, go check it out!

That’s it for now. I’ve had a long day.

Till tomorrow!


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