Who is this girl?

Words Unspoken. I have had an idea of creating a blog for quite a while, the problem was I had no idea what to write about. It all seemed a bit vague and I had no idea if it even was a good idea(yes, I used the word idea twice. in the same sentence. bravo). Eventually I decided to give it a go. And decided to name it ”Words Unspoken” because sometimes there are things you keep in your head for way too long, for whatever the reasons. And it builds up, until you snap. Or start a blog ahahah 🙂

My blog won’t be just a way to write things I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t say. It will be a way to share what I like, what I want, what I do and whatnot. Like a piece of my life written down. An online diary if you will.

Over time I will share some personal details of my life. For now all you should now is that I’m a girl. I’m 21. And I’m a student(which is also a very interesting story which will get all the attention in one post.or two. or well, many.)

So, for now, bare with my poor CSS/blogging/wordpress knowledge. I am sure I’ll get better at it quickly, but for now, I’ll keep things simple.

And there you have it, a little intro in this blog. Have questions? Ask away! 😀



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